8 Things Resilient People Do

Resilience is one of the best things we can practice in our daily lives. It can help us deal with everything from heartbreak to failure.…
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Resilience is one of the best things we can practice in our daily lives. It can help us deal with everything from heartbreak to failure. However, let’s be real, it’s also one of the hardest things to actually practice. Resilience means not letting life knock you off your feet when things get tough. Being able to recover from hardships and setbacks in a healthy, positive way is a hard skill to learn. Especially now, between dealing with a pandemic and trying to return to some semblance of normalcy, staying resilient is key to staying mentally and physically healthy. Resilient people may seem like an entirely different species with their thoughts well put together and life completely organized, but there are actually many behaviors and mindsets that are common among them. Want to know how you, too, can be resilient? It may not be as mind-boggling as it seems with these 8 things resilient people do!

1. They stay flexible and open-minded

Resilience is all about trying to make the best out of what may seem like the worst. This means staying open to new ideas, opportunities, and solutions. Try not to back yourself into a corner by only thinking a certain way or ruling out other thoughts prematurely. Give yourself breathing room and the time and opportunity to think everything out before jumping to a conclusion or spiraling into worse case scenarios. You might be surprised at what creative thoughts and solutions you can think of when you take some extra time.

2. They practice patience and kindness  

Whether it’s in the workplace or with friends, resilient people are known for their patience and kindness. Being resilient is all about being strong and able to recover and cope with hardships healthily. So, when things aren’t going your way, try not to get frustrated and impatient. Perhaps try some breathing exercises or take a moment to cool down before trying to deal with the situation. Try to remember that, above all, being kind is more important than being the winner or being “right”. This includes being kind to yourself when you mess up or simply in general. Being positive and patient with yourself is just as important as it is to be with other people.

3. They are generally optimistic 

Of course, no one is always optimistic. We all have days where the world seems to be constantly trying to trip us up just for its own pleasure. However, being resilient means being able to see the big picture. While a moment may be bad, overall, your day might have actually gone well. Try not to fixate on one bad thing and focus on the many positives of life. For example, many resilient people focus on what they’re grateful for like, their friends, family, and possessions, instead of all their negatives. This mindset isn’t only a key part of being resilient, for it also might simply make you happier overall.

4. They live in the present   

While learning from your mistakes and history is great, no one can change the past. We often fall into the pitfalls of wondering what could’ve been or replaying regrets and embarrassing situations from the past. Dwelling on your mistakes won’t change anything and might end up doing you more harm than good. Truly resilient people accept what happened and focus on what they can do in the present. It can be hard, but starting to learn how to move on is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

5. They value and build good relationships

Having a support system is everything. Not only for when you’re struggling, but for life in general. Friends, family, and many others make your highs higher and your lows higher as well, if not slightly more bearable. Resilient people recognize this and take the extra time needed to build relationships with people in their lives. It might take a little extra perception and care, but ultimately, relationships with others are invaluable.

6. They know and consider their limits

Resilience can often be mistaken as a superhuman work ethic, but while having a good work ethic can be a part of being resilient, resilient people are aware of when they need help. No one is perfect, and no one can do everything themselves. Everyone, resilient people included, has blind spots and weaknesses. It’s up to you to recognize them and seek help when needed. Help can come in many forms, such as confiding in trusted peers, taking a break, and simply generally practicing good self-care. Working yourself to the bone is never a good thing, and sometimes, it takes a truly resilient person to admit you aren’t capable of everything at once.

7. They know how to handle rejections and make back-up plans

Rejection, in any type of form, can be devastating. From not getting the job you applied for to your crush not liking you back, rejection is everywhere. Sometimes, it can feel as if you’re not good enough, but that is not the case. Often times, there is a multitude of other factors such as other job applicants or another person’s feelings, so it is almost never personal. Resilient people realize this and try not to let rejection get the best of them. Of course, rejection makes anyone sad, but the most important thing is to try again, whether it’s by applying for another job or trying to find someone who will like you for who you are.

8. They like spending time alone  

Many resilient people like to take time alone to process things, reflect, or get to know their inner selves. Often times, spending time alone to think through anything troubling you can help you sort out your feelings and any possible actions you can take. Reflecting upon things and growing from them are some of the best ways we learn, and taking some alone time to do so can be very beneficial. You might find some things out about your inner self you never expected to!

Like most things in life, being resilient is hard and takes practice. Don’t beat yourself up if it’s not something you can put into practice right away. Small steps and building bit by bit might be the way to go for mastering resilience. In our crazy world, simply trying to be resilient is enough.

Do you know any resilient people in your life? Or maybe you are already one, do you do these things? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts or experiences!

The post 8 Things Resilient People Do appeared first on Psych2Go.

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